New at Peter White Public Library

Runes for the Green Witch by Nicolette Miele.

This is probably one of the most comprehensive guides on ruins I’ve seen. The author explains each rune in connection with deities, astrology, tarot, crystals, and plants. The author’s knowledge from her 20 years of practicing ruins is shown clearly. This book can be found under the call number 133.33 for divination using symbols.

How to Grow Flowers in Small Spaces by Stephanie Walker

Don’t know how to plant, when to water, what kind of light exposure needed? This lovely color illustrated guide answers those questions and more. Each flower has stats, days to maturity, size, difficulty level, and growing season. The “good to know” for each flower is especially helpful.

It includes appendices, bibliographic references, and index. This book can be found under the call number 635.9 for flower and ornamental plants gardening.

15 Minute Meals: Truly Quick Recipes that don’t taste like Shortcuts by Ali Rosen.

I’m a foodie so when I see a book that is advertised as a quick way to make meals, I get a little skeptical and assume a variety of casseroles. However, as the title says, the recipes don’t seem like shortcuts. The book not only has the standard options but actually has a variety of flavor profiles. I especially like the icon list of what is required of the recipe, whether it’s one pan, chopping, cooking or not, as well as the item badges that show what you have to use for the recipe. It’s all pretty straightforward and I think this book is great for someone who wants to expand their cooking skills with some tasty meals. This book can be found under the call number 641.555 for time-saving cooking.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: The Complete Illustrated Poems by of course, Shakespeare.

Sometimes, a great edition of a book is what attracts readers. This beautiful hardcover version has each sonnet, along with artwork to accompany them. Don’t worry–it includes image credits. This book can be found under the call number 822.33 for William Shakespeare.

The Soul of Gift Wrapping by Megumi Lorna Inouye.

This hardcover color picture guide on wrapping your gifts with care is wonderfully calming to look through. The pictures and instructions on folding are easy to follow and is broken down into a few parts: Inspiration, the author has taken from her Japanese upbringing; Preparation, the items and basics required for wrapping; and Creation, step-by-step directions. This book can be found under the call number 745.54 for paper handicrafts.

By Stephanie Garn

Technical Services Department Head


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