8-18 Media: France to Florida: Travel dreams take flight

By Shaylynn


8-18 Media

Special to the Journal

What are places that would be truly amazing to visit one day? This question can have an infinite amount of answers depending on the person. For instance, if the person has an adventurous spirit, they might say they would want to go zip lining in an urban jungle. If the person was more of a hopeless romantic, they could say they would want to visit Paris, France. There would be delectable desserts, exquisite museums, and the Eiffel Tower. What better place to visit than Paris if you’re looking to fall in love? Maybe not with a person but there’s a chance you’d fall in love with the food.

What are some locations that you first think about when you hear the word “travel?” Japan? New Zealand? Switzerland? Thousands upon thousands of kilometers to explore and places to visit. Even flying on a plane without actually visiting the place can be exciting. Have you ever seen the view from a plane? It is such an amazing feeling! Maybe it’s looking out the window at those fluffy clouds. Or maybe it’s the fact that the normally giant buildings look like miniature squares and the automobiles look like tiny ants. Whether it be visiting a location or flying over it, a nice view is guaranteed.

Although traveling can be exciting, there will always be possible ramifications to be accounted for. For example, there can be possible weather anomalies, standbys and delays. Or -possibly the worst one yet- racing across the airport to get to another gate. Running on pure anxiety and adrenaline while remaining unaware of if you will miss your flight or if you will somehow manage to catch it before it takes off. Even if you were to schedule the flights a few hours apart, the gate could be changed for whatever reason 10 minutes before the flight takes off. Thus, when you make it to the gate and board the plane, a sense of security, contentment and gratitude takes over and you are finally able to enjoy the ride.

Possible motives for traveling include visiting family, friends, mutual acquantances, or catching a view of old relics or architecture. Typically, family reunions are the main reason a person might decide to travel. While visiting friends or mutual acquaintances are common, visiting site seeing destinations or family have a higher priority. Meanwhile, tourist attractions can be of high significance for people who wish to learn about historical monuments or potential made-up stories.

Places I would want to visit include Paris, Italy, Britain, Ireland or potentially Scotland. The one place I would not recommend traveling to would be Australia due to the ginormous spiders, snakes, and other venomous creatures. All of these locations hold a special, unique set of values that can in some ways be life changing for the person who experiences the environment it possesses. When I get older, I hope to travel to many locations. Especially Florida to visit family and take pictures of the gorgeous beaches of Siesta Key. Where would you choose to visit if you had the chance?

EDITORS NOTE:  Shaylynn is a junior. She loves mashed potatoes, chocolate, reading, and biking.


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