Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

ISHPEMING — The site of his great grandfather’s death is now Charles Manto’s shaft of dreams. Manto, executive director of the Marquette County Economic Development Cooperation, sees the long-defunct Cliffs Shaft mine site in Ishpeming as a potential historic attraction and commercial haven. For his great-grandfather however, the landmark shaft was a place to labor in darkened tunnels as an underground miner, and untimely die beneath a falling rock in 1917. Manto plans to purchase and develop the shaft through the EDC, and he is hoping that within five years, the site’s three towering shaft houses and six stone buildings will be a boon the Ishpeming’s economy.

60 years ago

NEWBERRY — A boxer dog that lost her litter has compensated for her loss by adopting a fawn that apparently was orphaned. The boxer BeeBop, is the 10-year-old pet of Mr. and Mrs. Brusseau, who live about five minutes north of Newberry. The fawn is a creature that wandered onto the Brusseau property when the deer was about a week old. BeeBop lost her litter of pups shortly after the first of June. One evening thereafter, when the Brusseau family returned to their home, at the edge of a wooded area they found the small fawn in their yard. They placed the fawn, named Topsy, on an old coat near the house, and found that BeeBop had befriended the deer the next morning. The fawn found a source of nourishment in BeeBop, who still had milk to offer. And Topsy has been nursing on BeeBop for the past seven weeks. Meanwhile, Topsy, who has never been confined, became attached to the human company. Now she is starting to become weaned and is starting to eat solid food. No matter how far she strays from the Brusseau residence, the fawn always comes back when it is hungry, when it rains, or when jet planes from the air force base fly overhead and frighten her.


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