Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference desk staff at Peter White Public Library.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — U.S Rep. Bob Davis’ effort to repeal the federal user fee on recreational boats has gained wide support in Congress. Currently 128 congressional co-sponsors have signed on to the Davis legislation, which would repeal a controversial fee levied on pleasure boats more than 16 feet long, a press release said. The fee, which would charge owners of boats at least 16 feet long from $25 to $100, is aimed at generating $127 million annually for the federal government’s general fund. The fee was the result of a last minute maneuvering during budget negotiations last fall. “The pleasure boat tax singles out people who enjoy a specific form of recreation and who already pay a hefty collection of taxes, fees and other charges to support their pastime,” Davis said.

60 years ago

NEGAUNEE — Efficiency of voting machines, which were used for the fifth time in an election here on Monday, was clearly demonstrated when local returns were reported to County Clerk Lloyd LeVasseur. Not only was Negaunee the first community to present its official tally to the county clerk, but the first to report returns to The Mining Journal for its tabulation of Marquette County results. Polls closed at 5 and 10 minutes later City Clerk Edward Stevens had returns from the first and second precincts. Totals from the Second, Fourth, and Sixth Precincts were received within the next 20 minutes, and the final results from the Fifth Precinct by 8:40. Stevens completed listing results from various precincts and compiling the totals for the city by 9. “This is a far cry from the old days before automatic voting machines were in use here,” the clerk noted yesterday. “Whereas, at one time Negaunee always was one of the last communities to report its returns to the county clerk, this year for the first time we were No. 1.”


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