Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — The American Federation of Musicians Local 218 elected officers and delegates recently in Marquette. They are: John G. Major, president; Melvin J. Syria, vice president; and Mark H. French, secretary-treasurer. Executive board members are Donald Bruner, Deborah M. Bengry, Merton D. Lambert, Walter Mackey, and Robert Hamalainen. Trustees are Herbert Lamere and Lillian Larson. Delegates to the International Upper Peninsula Conference in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, are Donald Bruner, Deborah M. Bengry, Melvin Syria, and Walter Mackey. The secretary-treasurer and president are delegates to all affiliates by virtue of office.

60 years ago

MARQUETTE — Sub-zero temperatures were responsible for a temporary loss of power in the eastern portions of the city last evening, as the cold tightened wires to a breaking point. Many residents with electrically run heating systems were left without heat for about two hours on one of the coldest nights of the year, while lineman found and repaired the damage. Walter Dolezel, city light and power department engineer, said a break in the wires occurred at 11:40 last night, due to the cold temperatures drawing the power lines taut to a maximum point. He said that as the wires were pulled tighter, one of the connectors let loose on the water works line, resulting in a breaker going out at the water works plan and loss of that entire line. Included in the area served by the water works line is the eastern portion of the city, north of the Northland Hotel. Dolezel said there was no way the city could anticipate or prevent the trouble, as the abnormally cold weather has tightened lines throughout the city.


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