Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — The agreement between Marquette County and Michigan Bell Telephone Co. on implementing a 911 emergency telephone district was put on hold Tuesday pending clarification of contract language. The Marquette County Board of Commissioners, meeting as a committee of the whole, was set to review the document needed to implement the system. Planners said the 911 system should be operating by mid 1992. The corporate spokesman for Michigan Bell said the language clarification involves liability concerns. Marquette County Administrator Dennis Aloia told commissioners Tuesday that the pact should be ready for review and a vote by the full board meeting Nov. 20.

90 years ago

MARQUETTE — Charles F. Sundstrom, Michigamme supervisor, Wednesday afternoon berated the fact that it was necessary to expend an additional $40,000 to complete the new children’s unit. At the annual meeting of the board of supervisors last month Dr. Salvatore LaJocano, superintendent of the sanatorium, gave a report showing that the $130,000 bond issue had been exhausted and that an additional $40,000 had been required to complete and properly equip the new unit. This added expenditure, Supervisor Sundstrom stated at the board meeting Wednesday, was not necessary, and he explained that the committee in charge should have kept within the limits of the budget. It is rumored, he said, that the state contemplated erecting a state institution in the Upper Peninsula. “If that is true Marquette County should offer Morgan Heights to the state as a gift, at no cost, and rid itself of a ‘white elephant.’ Our representatives at the state capitol should be told to be on the lookout for such a development to prevent another huge outlay for an additional unit in the future.” Myron J. Sherwood, Marquette supervisor, replied by stating that the institution was an expensive proposition and always would be, but that the expense could not be avoided. “In my mind the money expanded on the sanatorium, dollar for dollar, accomplishes as much or more than that spent for any other county project.”


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