Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

Oct. 1

≤ 12:35 p.m., malicious destruction of property, report of damage to motor vehicle, tires were cut, report, 200 block Whetstone Road

≤ 12:52 p.m., animal control, report of a deer stuck in the backyard, opened a portion of the fence to allow the deer to move along when ready, 2000 block Neidhart Avenue

≤ 1:21 p.m., property check, 1200 block South McClellan Avenue

≤ 1:42 p.m., property check, Bothwell Middle School

≤ 2:08 p.m., assistance, vehicle lockout, verbal consent given, opened, Presque Isle Park

≤ 2:10 p.m., family abuse, 1400 block West Fair Avenue

≤ 2:33 p.m., property check, Presque Isle Park

≤ 2:52 p.m., assistance, follow up for Chocolay Township Police Department, 400 block West Washington Street

≤ 2:53 p.m., assistance, vehicle lockout, verbal consent given, opened, 1900 block U.S. 41 West

≤ 3 p.m., larceny of motor vehicle parts, report of two subjects who walked up and stole the license plate off the caller’s vehicle, 400 block West Hewitt Avenue

≤ 3:23 p.m., parking, red Mazda parked in private, 100 block South Front Street

≤ 4:42 p.m., traffic, motorist arrested for driving suspended/revoked second offense, processed and released on a personal recognizance bond, West Washington Street near Garfield Avenue

≤ 5:39 p.m., fraud impersonation, possible fraud, no monetary loss, no sign of illegal entry, 600 block Altamont Street

≤ 6:03 p.m., animal control, well-being check on a dog that has been outside for a long period of time with no water or food, no dog located outside, 900 block Pine Street

≤ 6:38 p.m., suspicious, subject wanted to pass along information to an officer, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 6:47 p.m., animal control, barking dog, area checked, unable to locate, Pine Street near Albert Street

≤ 7:03 p.m., general, U.S. 41 South near South Lake Street

≤ 7:54 p.m., traffic, report of a driver driving very fast in the area, traffic detail conducted in the area, West Fair Avenue near Woodland Avenue

≤ 7:58 p.m., lost and found, found canoe, transported to cold storage, 1200 block North McClellan Avenue

≤ 8:39 p.m., traffic, disabled vehicle in traffic, area checked, unable to located, West Washington Street near Fourth Street

≤ 10:12 p.m., suspicious, unknown suspicious subject tried to get into a complainant’s vehicle, subject was highly intoxicated, subject located a short time later and trespassed, 400 block West Washington Street

≤ 11:35 p.m., property check, Tourist Park

≤ 11:37 p.m., property check, CR-550 near Dead River Bridge

≤ 11:58 p.m., violation of Michigan Public Health Code, minor in possession of marijuana, cited and released, report, 800 South Lake Street

Oct. 2

≤ 12:46 a.m., drunkenness, subject swearing, threatening the caller, and stumbling in the roadway, area checked, gone on arrival, 200 block North Seventh Street

≤ 1:23 a.m., property check, 1200 block South Front Street

≤ 1:27 a.m., property check, 1100 block West Washington Street

≤ 1:34 a.m., property check, 1200 block Wright Street

≤ 2:01 a.m., suspicious, caller reports subjects in a van, appear to be videotaping something, one of the subjects lives there, Bayview Drive near Altamont Street

≤ 2:22 a.m., property check, North Marquette Schools

≤ 2:26 a.m., general, officer came across a subject on the swing set, asked to move along, 1200 Tierney Street

≤ 3:30 a.m., property check, Presque Isle Park

≤ 4:15 a.m., property check, 100 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 4:52 a.m., property check, 1100 block North Third Street

≤ 6:37 a.m., traffic, one hour traffic detail, U.S.-41 South

≤ 8:49 a.m., lost and found, found driver’s license, returned to owner, 2000 U.S. 41 West

≤ 8:54 a.m., assistance, vehicle lockout, verbal consent given, opened, 1100 block Lee Street

≤ 8:59 a.m., suspicious, report of building deadbolted, no key to building, unsure if anyone is inside, building cleared, no one inside, 1600 block South Front Street

≤ 9:08 a.m., property check, 611 North Front Street

≤ 9:35 a.m., property check, 401 North Sixth Street

≤ 9:35 a.m., property check, walkthrough and fire drill, 1201 South McClellan Avenue

≤ 10:05 a.m., traffic accident, two-car property damage accident, U.S.-41 Bypass near McClellan Avenue

≤ 10:12 a.m., assistance, assist fire department with search warrant, 30 minutes, 100 block West Ridge Street

≤ 10:30 a.m., juvenile, 1200 block Tierney Street

≤ 10:43 a.m., retail fraud, 1401 O’dovero Drive

≤ 11:28 a.m., property check, Tourist Park

≤ 12:29 p.m., traffic accident, two-car property damage accident, North Third Street near West Ridge Street

≤ 12:44 p.m. property check, walkthrough, vehicle lockout, opened, 500 South Fourth Street

≤ 1:29 p.m., assistance, report of a vehicle running in the parking garage for over three hours, security unable to track down the owner and who it belongs to, 850 West Baraga Avenue

≤ 1:48 p.m., non-traffic accident, two-car private property property damage acident, 300 block South Fifth Street

≤ 2 p.m., parking, vehicle possibly abandoned, leaking fuel, vehicle was parked in a private lot, all clear, 800 block North Third Street

≤ 2:15 p.m., suspicious, 1900 block Neidhart Avenue

≤ 2:53 p.m., aggravated assault, subject advised they were assaulted by another subject at the Warming Center, they had a knife and then took off in a vehicle down Washington Street, report to be completed, 501 West Washington Street

≤ 3:19 p.m., conservation, report of a subject leaving trash bags out in the open causing skunks to rip the trash bags open and litter to be strewn across the property, 500 block Hawley Street

≤ 3:44 p.m., alarm, report of a duress alarm, founded to be accidental, all clear, 200 block West Washington Street

≤ 4:16 p.m., disorderly conduct, disorderly person, would like subject removed, subject was packing their belongings when officers arrived, 700 block Pioneer Road

≤ 4:51 p.m., family abuse, possible child abuse complaint located and child was fine, bike path near Coast Guard Road

≤ 4:56 p.m., suspicious, suspicious van parked in front of the federal courthouse, contact made with the vehicle owner and the vehicle was moved, 200 block West Washington Street

≤ 5:18 p.m., traffic, report of two dirt bikes driving around the area, officers checked the area, could not locate them, Marquette Fit Strip

≤ 6:01 p.m., traffic, traffic monitored, U.S.-41 South

≤ 7:16 p.m., property check, Park Cemetery


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