Letter leaders: MAPS hosts 2020 Regional Spelling Bee

Fifth grade participants are pictured. (Courtesy photo)

MARQUETTE — Marquette Area Public Schools hosted the 2020 Regional Spelling Bee Tuesday. The top two spellers per grade level move on to the 2020 UP Finals Spelling Bee hosted by Ishpeming-Negaunee-NICE Community Education Division March 11.

Fifth Grade: 1st –

Matthew Ostola, Aspen Ridge; 2nd – Addison Kramer, MAPS; 3rd – Ella Falk, MAPS; 4th – Miley Upson, Gwinn; 5th – Aiden Evans, Negaunee; 6th – Evelyn Nicholas, Ishpeming; 7th – Sophia Redlon, Gwinn; 8th – Shannon Tansey, Powell Township School; 9th – Kemper Gearhart, Ishpeming; 10th – Caleb Christesen, Aspen Ridge; 11th – Olivia Mattila, Republic-Michigamme; 12th – Emerson McNeally, Negaunee; 13th – Ryan Millard, Powell Township School; and 14th – Alina Zoch, Republic-Michigamme.

Sixth Grade:1st – Nicole Kerkela, Negaunee; 2nd – Gus Hummell, MAPS; 3rd – Makenna Smith, MAPS; 4th – Kendra Mattson, Gwinn; 5th – Gideon Achatz, Aspen Ridge; 6th – MaKenzie Baker, Ishpeming; 7th – Makayla Hillier, Gwinn; 8th – Selena Anthony, Republic-Michigamme; 9th – Marionnah Rader, Powell Township School; 10th – Grace Morrison, Aspen Ridge; 11th – Landen Suomi, Republic-Michigamme; 12th – Norima Korsman, Negaunee; and 13th – Hugh Schoonover, Powell Township School.

Seventh Grade: 1st – Carmen Bruce, MAPS; 2nd – Jadyn Negilski, Ishpeming; 3rd – Caden Steede, Negaunee; 4th – Ava Coleman, Aspen Ridge; 5th – Shawna Sundholm, Gwinn; 6th – Zoie Havel, Powell Township School; 7th – Angelica Barry, Ishpeming; 8th – Makenna Ackley, Negaunee; 9th – Darren Fraser, Aspen Ridge; 10th – Samantha Bistersky, Republic-Michigamme; 11th – Kreegan Gransinger, Republic-Michigamme;l 12th – Seppi Camilli, MAPS; and 13th – Lily Evans, Powell Township School.

Eighth Grade:1st – Sofia Marier, Aspen Ridge; 2nd – Celeste Morgan, Gwinn; 3rd – Starrlynn Stocker, Powell Township School; 4th – Rachel Hay, Aspen Ridge; 5th – Chase Royea, Negaunee; 6th – Charles Kronschnabel, MAPS; 7th – Hylie Oas, Negaunee; 8th – Keilee Gransinger, Republic-Michigamme; 9th – Noah Pemberton, Gwinn; 10th – Donovan Johnson, MAPS-Alternate; 11th – Rebekah Liimata, Ishpeming; and 12th – Ethan Lawrence, Republic-Michigamme.

Sixth grade participants are pictured. (Courtesy photo)

A release from MAPS states: “A big thank you to Judges Tracy VanAbel and Jamie Tuma and Moderator Deb Asano as well as the many volunteers that helped make the event a success. Great job spellers!”

Seventh grade participants are pictured. (Courtesy photo)

Eighth grade participants are pictured. (Courtesy photo)


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