Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


≤ 11:06 a.m., possible check fraud, no fraud found, both names from account were not on check, 200 block West Washington Street

≤ 12:02 p.m., warrant arrest, 300 West Baraga Avenue

≤ 12:32 p.m., drunk and disorderly subject, Fourth Street near West Washington Street

≤ 1:29 p.m., warrants authorized, 300 West Baraga Avenue

≤ 1:36 p.m., two-car property damage accident, no damage, Seventh Street near West Washington Street

≤ 1:45 p.m., two-car property damage accident, Third Street near Washington Street

≤ 1:56 p.m., 911 hang up, contact made, no issues, 300 block McClellan Avenue

≤ 2:11 p.m., hitchhiker causing traffic issues, going to take a cab, south Front Street near Genesee Street

≤ 3:35 p.m., dog in car, 100 block South Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 3:59 p.m., kids without jackets, made contact, kids have jackets and are fine, Third Street near Spring Street

≤ 5:25 p.m., alarm, building secure, no key holder, 1300 block South Front Street

≤ 5:36 p.m., threats, left message for second half, will follow up, 100 block Dobson Place

≤ 7:05 p.m., two-car property damage accident, West Washington Street near Seventh Street

≤ 10:10 p.m., drunk and disorderly subject, trespass letter served, 100 block East Ridge Street

≤ 10:30 p.m., 30 minutes traffic control for hockey, North Third Street near West Fair Avenue

≤ 11:04 p.m., loud noise, not loud, contacted renter, 200 block West Magnetic Street

≤ 11:13 p.m., suspicious subject who was possibly using drugs in the bathroom, subject arrested for drunk and disorderly, 200 block North Front Street

≤ 11:32 p.m., two drunk disorderly male subjects, moved along, 100 block West Baraga Avenue


≤ 12:22 a.m., EMS assist with drunk subject, taken to EMS, Spring Street Lot

≤ 12:24 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 400 block West Crescent Street

≤ 2:04 a.m., report of a fight, drunk subject refusing to leave, subject issues trespass letter, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 3:14 a.m., peace officer, standby, 1100 block Northland Drive

≤ 8:51 a.m., 911 hang up, 400 block South Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 10:23 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 1400 block Division Street

≤ 10:25 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 900 block West Washington Street

≤ 3:23 p.m., property checks at Park Cemetery, Holy Cross Cemetery, Tourist Park and Northstate BMX Complex, North Marquette Schools

≤ 6:21 p.m., warrant arrest, 300 West Baraga Avenue

≤ 9:40 p.m., vehicle lockout, vehicle not opened, 2000 block US 41 West

≤ 10:45 p.m., report of a subject who was drunk and walking in the middle of roadway, patrols checked area, unable to locate, 500 block West College Avenue

≤ 11:48 p.m., report of a possible party with underage drinkers, unfounded complaint, no party at all, 2500 block Wright Street


≤ 12:46 a.m., loud noise/party complaint, renter cited for noise violation, 500 block Pine Street

≤ 12:51 a.m., liquor inspections, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 2:15 a.m., officers conducted foot patrol in downtown area during bar closing, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 6:11 a.m., parking complaint, two vehicles cited, 400 block North Third Street

≤ 8:06 a.m., stray dog being aggressive – black lab with red collar, officer checked the area, could not locate the dog, West Magnetic Street near Hebard Court

≤ 10:20 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 2000 block Longyear Avenue

≤ 1:42 p.m., needle with fluid in it found near the dumpster, needle was empty and was capped, disposed of, 300 block Whetstone Road

≤ 2:50 p.m., two-car property damage accident, Center Street near Longyear Avenue


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