Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


≤ 12:21 p.m., vehicle spun out, making arrangements for a tow, Fourth Street near Bluff Street

≤ 12:24 p.m., semi-tractor on hill, moved along, West Washington Street near Front Street

≤ 12:32 p.m., two-car property damage accident, McClellan Avenue near Grove Street

≤ 12:36 p.m., private property property damage accident, 1900 block US 41 West

≤ 12:48 p.m., vehicle in front of driveway, cited and moved, 600 block North Third Street

≤ 12:50 p.m., lockout, opened, 1900 block Division Street

≤ 12:54 p.m., vehicle lockout, opened, Lincoln Avenue near Center Street

≤ 1:05 p.m., two-car property damage accident no damage, only made contact with one party, Wilson Street near Osprey Court

≤ 1:17 p.m., vehicle lockout, opened, West Fair Avenue near Northrop Street

≤ 1:19 p.m., vehicle stuck in snow, moved along, South Fourth Street near Fisher Street

≤ 1:26 p.m., report of two-car property damage accident, Washington Street near Third Street

≤ 1:34 p.m., car in ditch, South Front Street near U.S. 41

≤ 1:59 p.m., van stuck in snow, waiting on a tow truck, West Bluff Street near North Fourth Street

≤ 2:29 p.m., two-car property damage accident, McClellan Avenue near Grove Street

≤ 2:38 p.m., three-car property damage accident, 2000 block U.S. 41 West

≤ 2:52 p.m., threats complaint, civil issue, 2000 block Longyear Avenue

≤ 3:13 p.m., disorderly subject trying to get in to building, gone on arrival, 500 block West College Street

≤ 3:55 p.m., traffic accident, turned over, Brookton Road near South Vandenboom Road

≤ 3:58 p.m., two-car property damage accident, Rublein Street near West Washington Street

≤ 4:20 p.m., threats complaint, 500 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 4:55 p.m., attempt to serve a trespass letter, subject not home, 300 block Whetstone Road

≤ 5:04 p.m., burglar alarm, all OK, staff couldn’t locate where the alarm originated from, 400 block Fisher Street

≤ 5:44 p.m., request for a plow at the cul-de-sac of Allouez, advised department of public works, Allouez Road near East Nicolet Boulevard

≤ 5:50 p.m., motorist assist, assistance given, 700 block Chippewa Square

≤ 5:52 p.m., property damage accident, West Hewitt Avenue near Oak Street

≤ 8:36 p.m., lockout, opened, 1900 block Division Street

≤ 10:24 p.m., caller reports a vehicle stuck in the roadway, vehicle owner was not at the scene, vehicle has no insurance and expired registration, towed from the scene, report, Union Street near Wilkinson Avenue


≤ 1:22 a.m., lockout, unable to open, 800 block West Washington Street

≤ 3:32 a.m., AED incident, EMS assist, 700 block Pioneer Road

≤ 7:16 a.m., private property property damage accident, 1500 block West Ridge Street

≤ 7:42 a.m., car vs pedestrian property damage accident, 1200 block West Fair Avenue

≤ 7:46 a.m., parking complaint, vehicle was cited, 500 block South Third Street

≤ 9:03 a.m., abandoned vehicle, 400 block Jackson Street

≤ 9:25 a.m., portable breathalyzer test for failed interlock in vehicle, 300 West Baraga Avenue

≤ 9:31 a.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 300 block West Washington Street

≤ 9:42 a.m., abandoned vehicle, 1400 block Odovero Drive

≤ 10:29 a.m., drunk subjects in traffic, 900 block Champion Street


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