Moving from Marquette

mahogany harris, 10

Hi, it’s me, Mahogany. I have been living in Marquette for 1.5 years and we are moving to Texas in a few days. I will not miss Marquette because of the snow. I didn’t like the snow because it’s snow … and it’s cold. I don’t like the winter.

I will miss Marquette because of Mr. Brazier my fourth-grade teacher. My favorite part about living in Marquette was the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum and Marnie, the 8-18 Media director. I enjoyed helping at the museum and trying my best not to yell at people. I got to make new friends and because everyone is so nice, yet … so annoying, but I still handle it in the best way.

I am also going to miss the Thai restaurant on Third Street. My favorite thing to order was orange chicken and they even let me order it spicy. I ordered it a five, but I wanted it a 10 spicy.

My mom will miss the lake. I will miss the beach because I liked digging in the sand and then the water would fill up the hole. I tried to catch the minnows, but they bit me.

I wasn’t born in Texas, but I feel like I’m from Texas. I am moving to “Sand And Tony OOOO.” Kidding. San Antonio.

I have friends there. I am looking forward to seeing my old friends and I’m looking forward to making new friends.

We are driving to Texas so that we can see the national parks on the way. My teacher, Mr. Brazier, got me a card so that I can see all the national parks for free this summer.

Here is some advice for Yoopers heading to Texas: Never go downtown San Antonio unless you want to get lost. It’s busy. veryone is there from the top of the morning to the end of the day. But, if you are a Girl Scout, definitely go there, you’ll get all those customers running right in. If you are selling cookies downtown, you will need thousands of boxes.

Let’s talk about Texans. They are all nice. Except watch out for people wearing all black. It’s so hot. It will just attract more heat. It’s so hot you will feel like you will want to be in a pool with that little floatie around your waist walking around in your bathing suit at all times. Sometimes you will feel like you want to smack the sun down so it will be nighttime and it would be a littler cooler … but here’s the bad part: most of the time it is hot at night too.

I will be going to a science and technology school. My two-favorite subjects. Social studies is my third favorite. I am very joyful so I make friends easily, but if they get on my nerves, it won’t end well for them. But, mostly I make very good friends that last forever.

While living here in Marquette I was a vegetarian, but when I move to Texas I’m going FULL BEEF. Why? Because it’s Texas. I want to eat ribs with extra barbecue sauce. I love barbecue sauce. I’d even like snow if it had barbecue sauce on it.

I would like to come back and visit Marquette again. Only in the summer. No exceptions. BINGO BANGO!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mahogany Harris is 10 years old and just recently started fifth grade in San Antonio, Texas.


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