Words & Music saluted

Painter Christina Kionka, left, and poet Lisa Fosmo discuss Kionka’s painting “Grief,” which is pictured in the background, during a reception and reading of the Words & Music Borderland Arts Meets Marquette Poets Circle show Thursday evening in the Huron Mountain Club Gallery of Peter White Public Library in Marquette. The show is a collaboration between the Borderland Arts group of Iron Mountain and the Marquette Poets Circle. Each poet penned a piece about the music that inspires them and then visual artist created work inspired by those poems. The artwork is labeled with a QR code so viewers can listen to the music that informed each poet. “It takes three sides of art, music, visual art and poetry and blends them together to make them accessible for anyone of any age to walk in and find something they love,” said Janeen Rastall, Marquette Poets Circle Member.The show is dedicated to founding member of the Borderland Arts group Genean Granger, who passed away earlier this year. Granger’s last piece, “the Black Piano,” is on display and paired visual works by Melisse Carr and Stella Hansen. “It meant so much to us to have her last work apart of this,” Rastall said. The exhibit is on display through July 12. To view the show online visit, https://bit.ly/2WUqrN5. (Journal photo by Corey Kelly)