Goodwill collects TVs, CRTs, more

MARQUETTE — Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, in conjunction with Comprenew, (Comprenew@Goodwill) announces that TVs, CRTs, and flat screens will now be permanently collected at our Marquette store starting today.

Goodwill has always accepted other electronic donations, diverting them from the landfill and assuring their environmentally correct disposal, according to a company release. In the past, Comprenew@Goodwill has had community-wide events, but is now prepared to accept all electronic waste at the donor door.

The release said Goodwill will be rolling out this program over the summer for the other stores but are first starting with Marquette.

There will be a charge for TVs and CRTs depending on size and a small charge for printers.

To pay for the TVs and printers, purchase stickers inside the Goodwill store prior to taking it through the drive through.

All other residential donations are free. Goodwill does not accept white goods or anything with refrigerants and ask that people take them to the Marquette County Solid Waste Authority for proper disposal.

For more information, contact Cori Bodeman at 906-235-9504 or cbodeman@gwnwup.org.