Meeting on trout scheduled

HOUGHTON — Ongoing research by Michigan Technological University has shown that recent 2015 brook trout regulations on Houghton County’s Pilgrim River may be contributing to the establishment of quality-sized brook trout in the Pilgrim River watershed.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will host a public meeting Thursday at the Michigan Technological University Great Lakes Research Center to review opportunities to expand those brook trout regulations to the headwaters of the Pilgrim River. The meeting will take place 6 to 7:30 p.m. in Room 202 of the center, located at 1400 Townsend Drive.

Michigan Tech doctoral student Christopher Adams will present on the current status of his study of the fisheries of the Pilgrim River watershed, as well as the migratory behavior of these fish.

According to Adams’ study, the brook trout have ventured into the headwater reaches of the Pilgrim River. To ensure that these larger fish, which draw both new and seasoned anglers, reach a quality size, the DNR will evaluate additional regulations to protect them within the extended portion of the Pilgrim River.

The original Pilgrim River brook trout regulations were approved by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission in 2015. DNR senior fisheries biologist George Madison will lead the discussion on the potential regulation change to promote the enhancement of this fishery.


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