Talk to focus on local resiliency

MARQUETTE — A Northern Michigan University professor and a student will be presenting a talk entitled “Planning for Local Resiliency: NMU and the City of Marquette’s Efforts to Help our Community Flourish Amidst a Changing Climate” at noon Friday in NMU’s Jamrich Hall, room 1318.

The presentation, which will provide an overview of their work designing local climate solutions, is a part of the Northern Climate Network’s Climate at Noon series.

Dr. Sarah Mittlefehldt, associate professor in NMU’s Department of Earth, Environmental & Geographical Sciences and co-chair of NMU’s Sustainability Advisory Council, will speak about helping to rewrite the city’s land development code as a Marquette planning commissioner and the climate solutions in the new code.

Olivia Walcott, NMU EcoReps coordinator, will speak about her work on campus with NMU’s EcoReps program and what the group has accomplished over the past year.

Both Mittlefehldt and Walcott will explain “how local climate mitigation and adaptation strategies can help to address global environmental challenges,” organizers said. The speakers will also “emphasize how collective action and informed local land use codes help to make our community more resilient in the face of an uncertain future,” organizer said.

All Northern Climate Network presentations are free and open to the public and sponsored by Marquette’s Climate Adaptation Task Force.