‘Frankenstein’ visits Irontown

Adaptation of Shelley classic hits Historic Vista Theater stage Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The poster for “Frankenstein,” the Peninsula Arts Peninsula production coming to the Historic Vista Theater in Negaunee later this week. Tom Laitinen designed the poster.

NEGAUNEE — Things might get a little spooky on Iron Street in Negaunee this week.

The Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council presents the Mary Shelley classic “Frankenstein” as adapted by local playwright Paul Olson on the Vista Theater stage.

Frankenstein follows the story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, portrayed by Aiden Pietila, a young man attempting to bridge the gap between life and death. His obsession with creating life leads him to cross ethical boundaries. And when his creature, played by Tom Laitinen, is finally brought to life Dr. Frankenstein faces losing everything that he’s ever loved, including his own life. 

According to a PAAC press release: “The family-friendly one-act play will be paired with a series of scary stories that are sure to put a tingle up your spine, but don’t run home to Mom — bring her with you.”

The cast: Victor Frankenstein – Aidan Pietila

Henry Clerval – Ben Bickler

Elizabeth Lavenza – Corey Kelly

Waltraud Frankenstein – Kiley Baysore

Justine – Rose Mary Pietila

Professor Waldman – Paul Olson

The Creature – Thomas Laitinen

Captain Walton – Paul Olson

Sailor – Ericka Olson

Ericka Olson is the director. This is her first time directing. Thomas Laitinen is fight director and set designer.

PAAC is offering a family rate. Tickets for the show are $5 each, or $15 per family.

Performances will be at 7 p.m. Friday and then on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m. For more information visit the Historic Vista Theater/PAAC Facebook page or email negauneevista@gmail.com