County Board equalization meeting slated for Tuesday

MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Board of Commissioners will hold its 2018 equalization meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday in room 231 of the Henry A. Skews Annex in Marquette.

At the equalization meeting, the recommended valuations for 22 assessing units that include townships and cities across the county, will be presented to the board. Personal and real property totals, equalized valuations and assessed valuations will be presented, with a statement of acreage and valuation in 2018 for each of the 22 townships and cities included in the report.

Assessed and tentative taxable values for 2018 will also be presented for each of the 22 townships and cities, as well as the percentage changed since 2017.

According to the agenda provided to the board, there will be an opportunity for comment by any assessing unit representative after the information presented, followed by board discussion.

The board will then vote to establish the equalization valuations.

The board will also vote on the authorization of a lease on a vehicle used for conducting equalization field work in connection with appeasing and assessing.

According to documents provided to the board, the county had entered in to a lease agreement for a new 4×4 truck for this purpose in 2015 through Public Service Garage. The lease will expire at the end of April.

The terms of the proposed four-year lease for a new 2017 GMC 4×4 quad cab pick-up include 48,000 miles of use and maintenance covered through lease at the cost of $403 a month.

The document states that “leasing has been the most efficient use of allocated budget funds and the immediate need for a reliable vehicle,” noting that the rugged terrain visited during property inspections requires use of 4-wheel drive.

The vehicle is also able to seat four staff members, which allows staff to take one vehicle to a location for assessment purposes, as well as education and training sessions. The document also notes that the vehicle is also available to any department for the same purpose.

The board will also vote on the award of a bid for improvements to facilities and infrastructure at Perkins Park and Campground during the meeting. The improvements will include renovation of the fish cleaning station, replacement of the Perkins Park pavilion roof, as well as new ridge and soffit venting.

A Michigan Department of Natural Resources Recreation Passport grant provided funding for the improvements. According to documents provided to the board, the MDNR must approve the award of contracts for the work on the facilities and require the contract to be awarded to the lowest bidder.

According to documents provided to the board, the request for proposals was advertised at the Builders Exchange, on the county website, as well as in The Mining Journal.

Cecilia Brown can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 248.