Superiorland Yesterdays

EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

ISHPEMING — Suicide Bowl in Ishpeming is noted primarily for its 70-meter ski jumping hill, and no wonder. For 100 years, some of the best jumpers the United States and Europe has to offer have hurried themselves off the hill in national and international competition. But Suicide Bowl is more than one hill. It’s a series of hills, a nationally-known cross country ski system and perhaps the center of winter skiing activities in Superiorland.

“We always like to see more use of the Suicide facilities, but right now there are a lot of people out there,” Gary Penhale, vice president of the Ishpeming Ski Club, said. “We’re getting pretty good use throughout.”

60 years ago

ISHPEMING — Today is the official publication date for John D. Voelker’s first novel, “Anatomy of a Murder,” but somehow the book already has gained wide circulation in Marquette County, where it is being extensively discussed. As a matter of fact, it appears to be a topic of discussion just about everywhere in the country. Movie rights and play rights already have been sold.