Police log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


– 1:15 p.m., lockout, 1900 block U.S. 41 West

– 1:46 p.m., white dog at large, pitbull mix, turned over to UPAWS, 500 block Summit Street

– 2:33 p.m., be on the lookout for runaway, Fisher Street near Champion Street

– 3:14 p.m., animal control requested, fox has been hanging out in area, no health issue observed, advised to stay away from it, 500 block North McClellan Avenue

– 3:54 p.m., dog at large, brown male pitbull chased subject’s Yorkie, turned over to UPAWS, Kimber Street

– 4:00 p.m., harassment complaint, 300 block Pine Street

– 5:00 p.m., stray dog running on the beach, male chocolate lab with white patch on his chest, no collar, 500 block Lakeshore Boulevard

– 6:02 p.m., traffic detail, traffic monitored for 1.5 hours, U.S. 41 South

– 6:04 p.m., vehicle lockout, opened, Allouez Road near Nicolet Boulevard

– 7:00 p.m., disorderly subject causing a scene, scaring employees and customers, located two blocks away and told not to return, 300 block West Washington Street

– 7:21 p.m., while checking on property, officer found the gate was opened and two vehicles with out of state plates were parked inside, officer made contact with someone from station, all OK, 400 block Coast Guard Road

– 8:37 p.m., stray dog for pick up, black lab with red collar, 400 block West Washington Street

– 10:21 p.m., report of dog locked in a vehicle that keeps stepping on the horn, dog was gone when officer arrived, 800 block West Bluff Street

– 10:53 p.m., possible domestic assault, no assault, 900 block Jefferson Street


– 12:24 a.m., a check of all city-owned properties and vehicles, city of Marquette

– 3:59 a.m., intoxicated subject out of control, was sleeping on arrival, 1000 block Grant Avenue

– 8:01 a.m., parking complaint, citation issued, 1200 block West Fair Avenue

– 8:45 a.m., skunk trap reset, Specker Circle

– 9:50 a.m., lockout opened, 100 block East Baraga Avenue

– 9:55 a.m., bicycle missing, 900 block West Avenue

– 10:29 a.m., displaced bird removed, 100 block West Baraga Avenue

– 11:30 a.m., resident with dementia displaying unusual behavior and alleging abuse, 200 block South Fifth Street

– 11:31 a.m., employee being harassed, 1400 block West Fair Avenue

– 11:36 a.m., inactivity alarm, OK, 200 block South Fifth Street

– 12:15 p.m., vehicle parked in private lot, does not wish to tow at this time, 700 block West Washington Street

– 12:36 p.m., disabled vehicle, gone on arrival, Wright Street

– 12:51 p.m., vehicle booted for unpaid parking fines, fines paid and boot removed, 100 block South Third Street

– 1:11 p.m., permission to park for two hours until key can be delivered, 200 block South Front Street

– 1:14 p.m., abandoned vehicle accumulating parking tickets, 100 block West Bluff Street

– 1:34 p.m., bicycle stolen, 100 block North Third Street

– 2:51 p.m., female kicked in door and window of her family’s residence, arrested, 800 block West Magnetic Street