Biden-Harris aren’t underestimating U.P. in upcoming election

State Rep. Jenn Hill, D-Marquette

MARQUETTE — In the wake of the first presidential campaign stop in the Upper Peninsula in over a decade, the Biden-Harris administration shifted focus to Michigan.

Over 150 supporters attended the Women for Biden-Harris rally hosted by first lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff at Marquette’s Ore Dock Brewing Co. on May 16.

This gathering was part of an effort to strengthen bonds between President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and U.P. voters.

Another aspect of this endeavor is the establishment of volunteer programs like canvassing and phone banking in the U.P.

“The Biden-Harris campaign is putting in the work in Marquette and communities across Michigan to highlight President Biden’s record of creating jobs, lowering costs and protecting democracy while Trump’s campaign ignores Michigan and focuses only on himself,” said Biden-Harris 2024 Michigan state director Ed Duggan. “Like the first lady said during her visit, Donald Trump is a danger to Michigan families and we cannot let him win. The Biden-Harris campaign will keep fighting to engage with voters in every single county in the state.”

Michigan — a state with 15 electoral votes — is a battlefield for Trump and Biden.

In the opinion of state Rep. Jenn Hill, of Michigan’s 109th District, Biden-Harris can win the state with the help of the often-underestimated U.P.

Regardless of party affiliations, Hill, a Democrat, said what the people of the U.P. want most is security and reliability from those in power.

“There is so much uncertainty,” she said. “… They want to vote for politicians who are going to make smart choices and not add to uncertainty.”

Hill argued that Democratic leadership has benefitted Michigan on a state level by protecting workers’ rights to unionize with Senate Bill 34 and collectively bargain with House Bill 4004, maintain the right to an abortion through Proposal 3 in the November 2022 election, phase out the retirement tax with House Bill 4001 and expand Michigan’s earned income tax credit from 6% to 30% with Public Act 4 of 2023.

“It’s been critical to have stable, thoughtful leadership out of Washington, D.C.,” she said, reflecting upon the progress made by Michigan Democrats. “We will continue to put people first and put money back into people’s pocketbooks.”

When it comes to support of the Biden-Harris ticket in November, Hill said she’s seeing a lot of energy for the campaign. “Folks understand the stark choice that we have between the two different futures.”

Hill cited that it’s her job as a public servant “to do right by the Upper Peninsula” by supporting the administration that will attempt to continue the improvement of Michiganders’ lives.

Alexandria Bournonville can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 506. Her email address is abournonville@miningjournal.net.


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