Ishpeming City Council approves second readings of ordinances

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Council approved the second reading of three ordinances at Wednesday’s meeting.

The three ordinances had first readings during the April regular city council meeting.

In April, Ishpeming Police Chief Chad Radabaugh said ordinance 2-300 (breach of peace, disorderly persons and misdemeanors) would help reduce the amount of people walking along public streets and around town with open containers of alcoholic beverages.

Radabaugh said in April that the ordinance would not interfere with family gatherings or parties but prevent citizens from walking along the street or around town with an alcoholic beverage. He also said that the ordinance would not interfere with events where alcoholic beverages could be purchased or consumed.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Ishpeming Mayor Jason Chapman questioned whether the ordinance would affect future decisions if the city were to adopt a social district like Negaunee and Marquette.

Radabaugh said that the ordinance would not have any impact on future social districts.

The second item addressed was ordinance 2-400. Radabaugh said in April that this fireworks ordinance would align with Michigan’s fireworks law regarding what days and times fireworks can be set off.

The last item addressed at Wednesday’s meeting was ordinance 2-1300 in relation to campgrounds and tents belonging to the homeless. Radabaugh clarified that the ordinance isn’t for residents’ private property but for city-owned, open-to-the-public properties.

Chapman said residents could still have someone visit and camp in their yard.

During the April meeting, Radabaugh said that last year the city had an issue with a camp that was left and when cleaned up found hundreds of hypodermic needles. He also said this ordinance would give the city an opportunity to either help these individuals or clean up the area.

“We as a city have been trying to clean up the city itself,” Radabaugh said at April’s meeting. “We’ve become a big haven for the biking, mountain biking, walking, and the nice trails that we have, and it’s kind of sad to see when we have tents lined up on these with needles around (where) we have kids playing.”

Radabaugh also gave an update on the Police Academy Recruit Grant Program at Wednesday’s meeting.

He said that the city received $48,000 from the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards for two recruits to attend the academy, which costs $6,600. Radabaugh said leftover funds would go toward the expenses for recruits’ wages.

“Recruits are doing well in the academy and (we) hope to have them on board at the end of August,” Radabaugh said.

To watch the full meeting online, visit youtube.com/watch?v=M0783MQJVR8. The next city council meeting is scheduled for July 12.


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