Police investigating graffiti in city of Marquette

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Police Department is investigating graffiti that popped up in various areas along the Noquemanon South Trails sometime Monday.

Graffiti that causes damage of $1,000 or more is a felony, while graffiti that causes less than $1,000 in damage is a misdemeanor, according to MPD Detective Sgt. Mike Archocosky.

“The police department is investigating the NTN (Noquemanon Trail Network) graffiti,” he said. “We’re aware of it. As far as trends, we experience these trends coming and going into the different seasons. It’s no surprise to me seeing more graffiti now that it’s summer and beautiful out and we have a lack of snow and cold weather.”

Map kiosks, benches and directional signage along the south trails were all tagged, as seen in photos posted on the NTN Trails Facebook page.

Archocosky believes the NTN wasn’t specifically targeted, but said he’s unsure who the suspects are trying to appeal to.

“I wouldn’t say it’s targeted at the NTN,” he said. “Usually, it’s anarchy, anti-capitalism, political type stuff. I don’t know if people who use the trailhead are more of a demographic that the suspects responsible are trying to appeal towards.”

Archocosky finished by providing a stern message to potential perpetrators and the public: don’t do graffiti.

“People shouldn’t do it because it’s not their property,” he said. “People don’t have permission to do it and for the most part, nobody else appreciates it.”

If you spot graffiti, you can report it to the Marquette Police Department’s non-emergency line by calling 906-228-0400.


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