Spread Goodness

Annual event set for March 12

Anna Dravland, creator of Spread Goodness Day, wears shades with local elementary school students during a previous Spread Goodness Day event. This year’s Spread Goodness Day is set for March 12. (Photo courtesy of Anna Dravland)

MARQUETTE — “This event is to inspire a global day of explosive goodness by encouraging individuals, schools and organizations to spread goodness to show the epic power that one act of goodness multiplied by hundreds, thousands and maybe millions has to change the world every single day.”

These words, written by Spread Goodness Day organizers in a news release, sum up the mission of the day’s founder, Anna Dravland, as the annual celebration of goodness — set for March 12 this year — approaches.

Spread Goodness Day has been celebrated on a Friday in March each year since 2018, with this year marking the fourth annual Spread Goodness Day.

This year’s specific mission is to overwhelm the social and news media with goodness, organizers said.

“I would love to see people spreading goodness to children and teenagers this year,” Dravland told the Journal in an email. “We see a lot of thank yous going out for frontline workers and teachers, but I think it’s time to spread some of this thank-you energy to the kids who are the victims of so much they can’t control. To uplift them and empower them and remind them that their future is bright and they are gonna need shades!”

People across the world are invited to share #spreadgoodnessday or #brightfuture in their Spread Goodness Day social media posts during the upcoming socially distant event.

The inspiration for the annual event came several years ago when Dravland found herself hungry to make a positive change in the world while encouraging others to do the same. On a broad scale, she kept trying to sort out how to help everyone to do good in whatever way they were capable of with their own unique talents. By 2017, the idea for Spread Goodness had been formulated. The idea was to designate a time for individual or group to commit to doing at least one good thing.

The nonprofit organization is about the natural goodness inside of everyone and embracing the power to change the world every single day, meaning all are invited to join as individuals or to share with their associated groups, organizers said.


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