Northcross Group entering academic partnership with NMU for cybersecurity education

MARQUETTE — Northcross Group, which is involved in cybersecurity and business management, has announced an academic partnership with Northern Michigan University.

The partnership will help develop cybersecurity skills in the next generation of cyber professionals by instilling NCG’s business-centric approach to cybersecurity through internship opportunities and contributions to NMU’s academic programs and the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute.

NCG supports companies navigating through vast and complex challenges while maintaining a business edge. Working with today’s COVID limitations on in-person interactions, NCG has continued to enhance its virtual service delivery platform and tooling that will be a cornerstone of the engagement with NMU students.

“Cybersecurity is essential for every business, but one size does not fit all,” said Chris Bender, president of NCG. “We are very excited to work with NMU to demonstrate ways to scale and apply cybersecurity practices for companies of all types and sizes.

“We are also looking forward to exercising NCG’s virtual platforms and tooling to connect cyber talent with clients regardless of location–from across the Upper Peninsula to around the globe.”

NCG will provide NMU students with opportunities to work with cyber experts across the country and gain hands-on client experience. Students will develop skills in NCG’s cybersecurity approach based on total business value, scaling and prioritizing efforts for each business given its industry, complexity and size.

“Northern Michigan University is thrilled to welcome the NCG team to Marquette as a key partner in growing the Upper Peninsula’s cyber and digital economy ecosystem,” said David Nyberg, director of corporate engagement at NMU. “We look forward to building on this academic partnership to leverage NCG’s extensive experience along with Northern’s academic programs, the U.P. Cybersecurity Institute and the U.P. Cybersecurity Talent Consortium to achieve mutual objectives in solving business challenges and advancing digital opportunity.”

Northcross Group, with offices in Portland, Maine, Arlington, Virginia, and an office opening soon in Marquette, has been involved in enhanced security in large and small companies through systems integration and cybersecurity for the past 15 years.

For more information on the U.P. Cybersecurity Institute, visit https://www.nmu.edu/continuingeducation/cyber-home and https://www.nmu.edu/business/cyberdefense.

To learn more about NCG, visit www.northcrossgroup.com or contact info@northcrossgroup.com.


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