Star Wars club expresses appreciation to UPHS-Marquette

Dressed as an imperial officer, Shane Hawkins of Marquette presents UP Health System Director of Marketing and Communications Janell Larson with a bag of gifts from The Man Cave and Smoothie King. As part of the 501st Great Lakes Garrison — a group of Star Wars bad guys doing good deeds — Hawkins said he wanted to thank UPHS essential workers, nurses and staff for all they do. The group also provided activity bags for children who are in the hospital. “What this group is doing is just so honorable and kind to our patients and our staff and we really appreciate their generosity during this time. When you give a gift, the gift keeps on giving, like you also fill your own heart up. And so it’s nice for the staff to be able to do this too because it helps them feel good as well. So the kindness is shared throughout the entire team,” Larson said. (Journal photo by Jackie Jahfetson)
Bags loaded with fun rewards along with activity packets for kids in the hospital are pictured. (Journal photo by Jackie Jahfetson)


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