Number nine

Zero Degrees Artist Gallery of Marquette marks birthday, remains top venue for local artists honing skills, craft

Husband and wife Terri Bocklund and Curt Kawalski of the band Beechgrove & Blacksmith — Bocklund meaning beechgrove in Swedish and Kawalski meaning blacksmith in Polish — perform on Third Street outside of Zero Degrees Artist Gallery as part of the gallery’s ninth anniversary celebration. The artist cooperative is a members only gallery that artists must jury into. This allows artists to pay less to have their work sold in a gallery and make more money on their work by not paying commission. “It’s a great opportunity for any artist trying to come up and get their start,” said Zero Degrees Vice Chairman Chris Wetton. “We’ve got some professional artists, our full timers, so it’s a great place to educate youself and get better at your art.” There are two theories behind the name of the art gallery, one being that those who started it didn’t have any college degrees and the other being that there is zero degrees of seperation between people in the Marquette area because everybody is familiar with one another, he added. Thirty-eight artists currently display their work, such as handmade jewelry, paintings, ceramics and sculptures in the gallery. (Journal photo by Trinity Carey)
The cooperative’s signage is seen. (Journal photo by Trinity Carey)