Volunteers needed at local greenhouse

Community members gather for Marquette Growth’s fourth annual plant swap in June 2018 at Graveraet Elementary School in Marquette. (Photo courtesy of Marquette Growth)

MARQUETTE — Do you have a green thumb that needs to be put to use? The nonprofit Marquette Growth, which provides free community access and education to organic gardening, is looking for volunteers to join its efforts this summer in the greenhouse located at Graveraet Elementary School in Marquette.

Miriah Redmond, director of Marquette Growth, said the group needs help watering the garden and maintaining the site.

Redmond explained there are two tiers of volunteers needed. First, the group is looking for someone to take on weekly shifts to help water the garden space at the beginning and end of the season. This involves opening and closing the greenhouse.

“That’s pretty simple and straightforward, just making sure that things aren’t going thirsty,” she said.

If the volunteer chooses, other tasks include, but are not limited to, weeding or turning the compost.

Second, Redmond is looking for volunteers who are willing to take on more of a leadership role in maintaining the space and helping run workshops or organize seasonal events.

“The second tier is more intensive for people looking for more of an experience, or people looking to make a deeper impact in the community as an internship or a head volunteer,” she said.

Volunteers need not have prior gardening experience and benefit with free local organic produce.

“We’re willing to teach people or learn from folks who have something to teach us,” she said.

From June 12 to Oct. 16 Marquette Growth will hold biweekly community work days on Wednesday evenings.

“We’re all growing stuff together,” Redmond said. “We really want to provide a sense of ownership for the community over the space. It’s one of the few free spaces that people can come gather in the town; kind of a way to give back and contribute to the beauty of Marquette.”

For more information, contact Redmond at 248-410-4585,

MQTgrowth@gmail.com or through the group’s Facebook page.