Let’s get creative

Community members brainstorm about a secondhand art supply center

Local resident Adina Daar facilitates a brainstorming session amongst community members for a Marquette creative reuse center which took place in Studio 2 located in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library Tuesday evening. (Journal photo by Corey Kelly)

MARQUETTE — Do you have piles of construction paper, jars full of buttons or bins overflowing with scraps of material that may never be used again? If so, a creative reuse center may be a way to recirculate those items that would otherwise end up collecting dust or going to the landfill.

A community brainstorm session for a Marquette creative reuse center took place in Studio 2 located in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library Tuesday evening. The event was organized by local resident Adina Daar, who is an avid crafter, and hosted by the city of Marquette Arts and Culture Center. Daar said that she was looking to engage interest and gather ideas from other community members.

“I hope to just get the idea moving and firm up some thoughts and energy to go forward,” Daar said.

A creative reuse center is a community hub where people can go for free or low-cost second-hand art, craft, educational supplies and materials. At the meeting, Daar gave a short presentation about the concept, then turned the discussion over to event attendees.

“There are hundreds of these centers around the United States, there’s quite a few in Michigan — they’re all over the place — the blueprint is there,” Daar said. “I would hope we could start to follow some of those blueprints and just get something up and going.”

Artists, teachers, business owners, parents and curious residents were present to give their input. Landon Stelwagen, Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum exhibits and facility manager, shared that the creative reuse center would be an excellent place to funnel donated materials that organizations like the UPCM no longer uses.

“Half my workshop is filled with carpet, I have no room to work anymore,” Stelwagen said. “I am constantly trying to give away donated materials we can’t use any more.”

The group spent the rest of the meeting brainstorming how and where a reuse center would operate in the city.

“Hold on to your materials, because hopefully there will be a place to bring them to that can get them recirculating in the art and craft, and education communities,” Daar said. “I know there’s a lot of stuff in Marquette because people have been telling me that they have things to contribute.”

At this time there are no future meetings scheduled, however Daar will continue to gather input and create momentum within the community.