Shooting in Gwinn injures one

Police: It’s unclear if situation ever included armed suspect

Joseph Fitzgerald, chief, Forsyth Township Police Department

GWINN — Police are investigating an incident in Forsyth Township that led to a female being transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound Tuesday.

Officers had been dispatched to the scene after a home invasion with an armed subject allegedly took place at the residence along Stephenson Street in Gwinn and searched the residence and area for a possible suspect, according to the Forsyth Township Police Department.

Police had arrived on the scene of the Stephenson Street residence around 12:20 p.m., and dispatch advised officers the possible suspect left the residence and took off on foot.

However, Forsyth Township Chief of Police Joseph Fitzgerald said “no one saw a possible suspect leave the area” and police are “not sure there even was a suspect at this time.”

“We’re still investigating but we’re not completely sure that there was a suspect at this time,” Fitzgerald said. “And we’re gathering more information today, we’re doing a few more interviews today to see if we can determine exactly what took place.”

When officers entered the residence, they found a conscious female subject who had suffered a single gunshot wound. Officers administered first aid to the subject and she was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

“She is stable, she’s recovering at the hospital as far as I know,” Fitzgerald said this morning.

Officers searched the residence and the immediate area for the possible suspect involved Tuesday, requesting additional law enforcement units.

Gwinn High School was put on a lockdown status and an emergency alert was sent out to citizens in the area due to the situation.

Fitzgerald emphasized that the case is still under investigation, the search is no longer active and that there is “no threat to the public” at this time. All emergency alerts have been canceled, police said.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources assisted in the search.

“I just want to say that all the law enforcement agencies worked very well with all the assistance we had,” Fitzgerald said. “The DNR, MSP, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, everybody worked well together. It could have been a lot worse of a situation but all the departments worked together and I was happy with that.”