Above, Solar System Ambassador Patricia A Monteith helps Nate Bone, 8, and Isabelle Belpedio, 8, with the astronaut space glove challenge called “Secure the Alien” at the “Welcome Aboard the International Space Station” presentation Friday evening at the Peter White Public Library Youth Services Children’s Branch in Westwood Mall. While wearing “astronaut” gloves, participants had to close the alien in aluminum foil, seal it with tape, wrap it in elastic wrap and knot a string around the figure to make sure it would not escape. Monteith, who is visiting from Boston, organizes these programs throughout the country. “Whenever I do travel I call the libraries in that area and I ask if they want to do a program,” Monteith said. “It’s incredible we only thought about doing this about a week ago and 83 children attended.” At right, Sylvia Thomas, 6, tries to finish one of the many levels of the glove box challenge. This makeshift device is meant to simulate equipment that is used on the International Space Station. (Journal photos by Corey Kelly)