Identities still not released in fatal fire

HOUGHTON — The Houghton County Sheriff’s Department has not released the identities of victims of a fatal car fire that occurred on the Donken/Tapiola Road in Portage Township Sunday, in which two bodies were discovered after the fire was extinguished.

According to Sgt. Cort Rajala, the department is waiting for word from the Medical Examiner’s Office and the State Fire Marshal.

“They have higher training than we do in that, they specialize in that,” Rajala said. “That’s there area of expertise. That’s what they do.”

Rajala said he is unable to comment further, as his department has no further details at this point. Although there are numerous unconfirmed reports on social media sites, the department is still not releasing names, pending official identification.

“The names would have to come from the sheriff,” he said. “We can’t release names if we don’t have an ID.”