Developers eye property along Lakeshore Boulevard

MARQUETTE — The agency that led the redevelopment of the Holy Family Orphanage in Marquette recently presented the city with a letter of intent to purchase around 4.6 acres of city-owned property at the northwest corner of Lakeshore Boulevard and U.S. 41.

Farmington Hills-based developer Home Renewal Systems, the lead agency in the project that transformed the former orphanage into the Grandview Marquette apartment building, has expressed interest in the currently vacant parcel for a multi-use project. Marquette City Commission meeting notes indicate a private investment of $13 million to $15 million is anticipated, and that the south Marquette Waterfront Form-Based Code allows for such multi-use developments.

“On behalf of Home Renewal Systems (HRS), I hereby submit our request to the city of Marquette to purchase the city-owned property known as ‘Parcel 2 of Founders Landing,'” said Jeffrey Katzen, executive vice president of HRS, in an April letter. “This significant investment in this Brownfield site will further the city’s goal to create a strong connection between downtown and the South Marquette neighborhood, while respecting and enhancing public access to the waterfront.”

Katzen said although the company’s vision for this project is different than the $16 million Holy Family Orphanage development, the agency will “bring a quality project well-suited for this important gateway into the center of Marquette.”

The Lakeshore Boulevard property is within two sub-districts, allowing for waterfront-mixed use and traditional neighborhood-commercial residential zoning.

If the Marquette City Commission approves an appraisal for the property and the intent to sell resolution, it would give the city manager authority to begin negotiating a sale, which would then be presented to the commission for final approval.

The commission will hold a regular meeting at 6 p.m. Monday in commission chambers at city hall, located at 300 W. Baraga Ave. Along with the resolution, the commission will also consider:

≤ a resolution authorizing a notice of intent to sell general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $4.7 million for capital improvements;

≤ a resolution for a building authority contract and notice of intent to issue and sell general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $1.2 million for capital improvements at Lighthouse Park; and

≤ a contract with Hebert Construction Co. for the reconstruction of Presque Isle Avenue in the amount of roughly $2.89 million. The Presque Isle Avenue Reconstruction Project includes road and utility reconstruction from North Fair Avenue to Wright Street. All utilities as well as the sidewalk will be replaced. Three contractors responded to the city’s bid requests after they starting being accepted on May 4.

To view the city’s agenda in its entirety, visit https://www.marquettemi.gov.

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