Township millage renewals to be on ballot

MARQUETTE — Various millage renewals for Marquette County will be on the Aug. 8 ballot.

Forsyth Township voters will have the opportunity to vote on two. One is the renewal millage for police operations, which is 1 mill — $1 per $1,000 of taxable property value — for six years beginning 2018 through 2023. They also may vote for a renewal of up to .4965 mills for 2018-22 for ambulance services.

The full texts of the ballot proposals are available at the Forsyth Township office, 186 W. Flint St., Gwinn.

Ely Township has two proposals on the ballot. One seeks a millage renewal and increase from 1.9701 mills to 2 mills for 2018-22 for general operating purposes. The other is a millage renewal and increase from 1.9701 mills to 2 mills for garbage collection and disposal purposes, which would be for 2018-22.

To look at the full texts of the proposals, visit the Ely Township office, 1555 Marquette County Road 496, Ishpeming.

Michigamme Township is seeking 2 mills for six years for general operating purposes — a renewal and increase from the current 1.7970 mills back to the original 2 mills.

The ballot proposal texts may be viewed at the Michigamme Township office, 202 W. Main St., Michigamme.

Powell Township is requesting a renewal of 1 mill for 2018-22 for garbage, rubbish and debris collection and disposal. The full text may be obtained at the Powell Township office, 101 Bensinger, Big Bay.

Sands Township has four proposals on the ballot, all seeking to renew existing operating millages — 0.4395 for four years for ambulance services; 0.8796 for four years for the fire department; 1.7599 for four years for road repairs; and 0.9632 for four years for sanitation. The renewals would be for 2018-21.

The ballot proposal language may be viewed at the Sands Township office, 987 S. M-553, Gwinn.

Skandia Township is seeking a renewal of 2.5 mills for a period of five years, beginning in 2018, for financing emergency services. To view the ballot proposal, visit the Skandia Township office, 224 Krieger Drive, Skandia.

Republic Township is asking voters for a renewal of 0.2 mill for 2018-23 to provide funds for the Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority. That full text is available at the Republic Township Hall, 279 Kloman Ave., Republic.

Richmond Township is seeking a renewal of 2.5 mills — 2.3748 to be renewed plus an additional .1252 mill — for general operating purposes from 2017 through 2021. The ballot proposal text may be viewed at Richmond Township Hall, 100 Smith St., Palmer.

Ballots may also be viewed online at, and by clicking on the “View Ballots” tab.

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