’Blueprint for Change’ recipient named: Room to be designed for girl

MARQUETTE — The inaugural “Blueprint for Change” community-based makeover is well underway.

Allison Harlow Clark, owner of Curio Design Studio, put out the call in June for nominations of Marquette County organizations and families in need of a room makeover. With more than 60 nominations received, Clark narrowed it down to one: 7-year-old Charlotte, who suffers from a rare medical disorder that makes her violently ill — sometimes for days on end.

“The spaces in which we live have the power to impact our daily lives,” Clark said in a news release. “My goal in launching Blueprint for Change was to bring the community together (to) use design for a greater cause. With the help of many volunteers and sponsors, I am confident we will be able to make a positive change in little Charlotte’s life.”

Charlotte’s parents have spent countless hours transporting her back and forth from Marquette to a children’s hospital, at first to get a diagnosis and now to manage her condition. They noticed that the hospital, with its thoughtful design, had a calming effect and sought to recreate that feeling in their own home.

With that goal in mind, Clark worked with Charlotte and her family to design a first-floor space for her to rest when she is ill and catch up on schoolwork after missing multiple days. Furnishings and fixtures will be durable and easily cleanable, and there will be the ability to darken the room, using light dimmers and blackout curtains.

The space will also be versatile, serving as a place for Charlotte to play when she is well and for her sisters to spend time.

Talking about her new room has cheered Charlotte during a recent bout of sickness.

“We’ve talked about how she will be able to be there when she is sick and how much she is looking forward to it,” said Edie Newcomb, Charlotte’s mother, in a news release.

The room will be revealed to Charlotte and her family on July 29.

Clark is still in need of several items, including pillows, sheets and seating for Charlotte’s room and has created a registry at Target so those interested can contribute. A link to the registry and the full design plans can be viewed at www.facebook.com/curiodesignstudio.

“The response to Blueprint for Change, both from the nominations and from the sponsors, has truly been overwhelming,” Clark said. “It speaks to how community-minded Marquette is, and how so many are willing to pitch in and make a difference for those in need.”

Sponsors of Blueprint for Change include Chocolay ACE Hardware, Veridea Group, Bright Green Door,VAST Insurance, Cherry Creek Custom Construction, Flowerworks, McCabe’s Quality Flooring, Oja Renovations, Red Electric, Revisions Design Studio, Samantha Elizabeth Photography, Chatham Upholstery, LuLaRoe Amy Leahy,Carpet Specialists Carpet One, Patagium SUP Sails, Champion Glass and Wayfair Trade.

For more information and to find out how to volunteer or sponsor, visit http://curiodesignstudio. com/blueprint-for-change/.