Hannah Rae Behrens joins Trailhead Holistic Health Collective

MARQUETTE — Hannah Rae Behrens, a Marquette native, recently joined Trailhead Holistic Health Collective as its newest practitioner, offering herbal consultations and tailored apothecary services.

Behrens of Cloverland Botanicals is the only practitioner trained exclusively in clinical herbalism in the Marquette area, according to a press release.

As a clinically focused herbalist, Behrens works to support a broad spectrum of symptoms and diseases including lyme disease, gastrointestinal discomforts, women’s health, hormone imbalances and emotional health.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in conservation biology at Middlebury College, Behrens studied clinical herbalism professionally at The Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, where she obtained her Certificate of Clinical Herbalism.

Trailhead is a collaborative environment shared by experienced specialists in holistic health care. Although the health care professionals working at Trailhead all work independently, joining together allows them to be more clinically proficient specialists and provide a higher standard of holistic care for the people of the Upper Peninsula, according to the release.

Trailhead Holistic Health Collective is located at 1055 W. Baraga Ave. in Marquette.

To learn more about Cloverland Botanicals, visit www.cloverlandbotancials.com or search for “Cloverland Botanicals” on Facebook.

To learn more about Trailhead Holistic Health Collective, visit www.trailheadholistic.com or search for “Trailhead Holistic Health Collective” on Facebook.


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