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Comfort food the best

NEGAUNEE — Have you ever had a craving for comfort food that you no longer can get? Maybe you moved away from where this nostalgic food is located. You can get something similar, it’s okay, but it’s not quite the same.

Well, if you are from Negaunee, many of you will be very familiar with Tinos’s pizza! A staple of Negaunee meals for many generations. Guess what, it’s not just a treat you can get yourself if you come home for a visit during Pioneer Days. You can now order your pizza from Tinos’s and have it delivered as far away as the West Coast!

No, they don’t have a super-fast delivery vehicle, but they do have online shipping through UPS. The only catch is you will need to order 8-pizzas at a time. To some this may not be an issue, who doesn’t want more pizza? To those that only want one, well that’s not possible, but you can store them away in your freezer, they come frozen anyhow.

To make this magic happen you will need to go to www.tinosbarandpizza.com, once there you can click on shipping to learn more about how long it will take for your pizzas to make to your door. No worries on the shipping, it’s a flat rate of $25.00. There are options to get them quicker, but will costs more.

According to their website they ship orders on Wednesday afternoon Eastern Time. Orders need to be in by midnight on Sunday to be shipped Wednesday of the same week. Orders received after midnight on Sunday will ship the following Wednesday to maintain quality and avoid your pizzas hanging out in some warehouse over the weekend.

Most deliveries will be made within 2-3 days, but their website also provides some good advice if it happens to takes a little longer. Packages shipped via UPS Ground to the 3-Day zone or delayed packages may not arrive fully frozen. However, if your pizzas are not been above 40F, they are still safe to cook and eat.

You have the option to order 12″ (medium) pizzas in any combination – you can order multiples of a particular combination, or add one to your cart and create another combination. Each group of eight pizzas will be sent in temperature-controlled packaging. The sausage being used is Tino’s cudighi sausage.

Once you place your order, back in Negaunee the hard work begins. First making the pizzas, then freezing them, then shipping them off to hungry folks around the nation. So far Tino’s estimates that they have shipped 800-900 pizzas since starting this venture on Thanksgiving of 2023.

Plans to start this shipping services started before 2000, but due to COVID it set things back a bit. One of the biggest issues was staffing on the delivery side, but this issue has worked itself out.

Why go through all this? Tino’s is dedicated to their loyal customers and fans, they were receiving quite a few requests to add shipping. According Shannon-Argall Trees, “We do this to serve our customers”.

When asked what her father would think about all this, she replied, “He would be excited to see how this business has grown over time”.

When I first got here, Tino’s was already an established icon of Negaunee. However, through the hard work of this family, they continue to show progress in wanting to make their business the best! Starting with a facelift and outdoor seating in 2019, to their most recent renovations inside, and now their online shipping! One can only wonder what’s next.

Now your carvings can be met when you get that longing for home, no matter where you are at. I even heard that some folks are buying these for gifts to send out, and no, I’m not asking you to send any pizzas my way!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nate Heffron is city manager of the city of Negaunee.


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