West End Update – City of Negaunee

Private gym now open to the general public

Nate Heffron, city manager, city of Negaunee

NEGAUNEE –Principles like gratitude, productivity, integrity, and kindness are what Unity Human Performance is built upon.

Locals know the gym, located at 211 Iron St., in City Center, as Unity.

It was once a private gym that has just recently opened to the public.

Unity is unlike any other gym that I know of. Not that it has different equipment, but it really focuses on individual service in a group setting, — really providing a one-on-one environment.

Its payment structure is also unique. The gym operates on a donation-based structure instead of the traditional fee-based service.

“Our business model is one-hundred percent supported by donations by patrons,” said Unity owner and operator Connor Ryan.

“I won’t get into how all that works, but obviously it is working. The gym has been around for five years now, not always in Negaunee.”

Ryan, a lower Michigan native, attended Northern Michigan University where he earned a BA in Health and Fitness Management. Ryan also served as Ishpeming High School’s wrestling coach for several years until he decided to open his own business.

“I fell in love with the people of Marquette County. The people here are different.They have great qualities, authenticity, friendliness, honesty, and are hard working. Many of the same core values my business holds,” Ryan said.

Unity focuses on and services for all ages, splitting members into three categories. Teen Club, adult, and older adult. A full schedule of the gym’s offerings can be found at unity906.com.

Part of the gym’s core mission can be found on that website. “Unity helps people find freedom and peace through physical, mental, and spiritual practices.”

Ryan said members who are new to the gym start out with a 30-minute private consultation. The meeting also includes an introduction to the gym, where you can learn about their space, philosophy, and meet the staff.

Ryan stressed that it’s important to him that he can fit members with a group that suits their unique training needs.

“I’m here to serve,

Ryan said. “This is my purpose, my drive.”

Ryan sees full classes to support dedicated participants and coaches in our community in Unity’s future. He believes Negaunee is up and coming and is very optimistic about the ongoing improvements downtown.

Typically, I write about newer businesses opening in Negaunee, especially in our downtown.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s going on in all of our buildings, but Unity definitely stands out. Conner’s positive attitude and business philosophy are one of a kind, especially for someone so young!

The words that come to mind are impressive and inspiring. Our downtown wishes him continued success and congratulates him on his current expansion.

We know Unity can help its members forge a health future.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nate Heffron is city manager of the city of Negaunee.


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