Hill missing mark

To the Journal editor:

I miss former state Rep. Sara Cambensy, D-Marquette. Sara would frequently cross the aisle and broker a nonpartisan agreement to get the best deal she could for her constituents and her district.

She once told me that the Democratic Party had labeled her as a traitor because she would not vote to shut Line 5 down. Sara understood how important that pipeline is to the Upper Peninsula and her actions reflected that stance.

Enter Jenn Hill. I have emailed Jenn as to her stance on Line 5 and it seems that she still has not made up her mind. I guess she is waiting for her party leaders or Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to tell her what her stance is.

In the recent energy bill, Jenn had the unique opportunity to place amendments in that bill that would be advantageous and make the bill more palatable to the U.P., but instead chose to throw her district under the bus.

Apparently, she decided to take her marching orders from her Democratic (Party) leaders and the governor and in the process, totally ignore her constituents.

U.P. lawmakers make up a small group in Lansing and usually “circle the wagons” whenever there is important legislation that affects the U.P. They usually have each other’s back.

Not so with Jenn, she just did what she wanted to do, regardless of her constituents. The recent energy bill has great implications and will most likely raise our energy bills.

It could potentially make the mines unviable since they use a tremendous amount of power and this legislation could make Marquette’s new energy center obsolete even though electric rate payers are still paying for it.

As a former member of a township planning commission, I am totally disgusted that local control will be taken away and given to the Michigan Public Service Commission for big energy projects.

Previously these local planning commissions decided what will be allowed in a certain district. These boards are composed of local people who understand the implications of certain projects in certain districts. The MPSC is appointed and does not answer to the voters, they are over 400 miles away in Lansing.

So, folks, if you have a big wind farm or solar array being built in your back yard, you have no recourse unless you have deep pockets and want to take these huge companies to court.

However, you may want to give Jenn Hill a call or email and thank her for looking out for your interests.

She has totally destroyed any trust I may have had in her to do the right thing for us. Hopefully by this time next year, Rep. Jenn Hill will just be a bad memory.


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