Police: Be aware of common scams

ALPENA — The Michigan State Police-Alpena Post is warning citizens of some of the different kinds of scams they need to be aware of.

In a new release, MSP says scams they see regularly are typically conducted through the internet or phone. The most common scams they warn of are:

∫ The computer anti-virus scam, where a message pops up on the victim’s computer screen telling them the computer has been infected with a virus. There will be a number to call, and a scammer may request information about their financial accounts, or request they purchase a gift card, and give the scammer the information on the card.

∫ The puppy scam, in which an advertisement will be located for a breed of dog the victim is interested in. They will message the scammer online, and they will usually tell the victim there is only one or two puppies left. The scammer will request a deposit to reserve the puppy, usually requesting payment through a cash app.

∫ The social media relationship scam, in which the victim is via social media by a scammer who will quickly become interested in a relationship. The online profile will be fake, and the scammer will want them to give them money, usually done through a Google play card or some other gift card.

MSP urges citizens to never make payments to someone through cash apps, or with gift cards unless they know them, never give out their banking, or personal information over the phone, and never click on links from suspicious emails.


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