New law firm debuts

MARQUETTE –Downtown Marquette has a new law firm centered on coaching.

After a decade as an easement and access dispute litigation attorney, Erica Payne set out to open a law firm that gives fellow Yoopers trustworthy alternatives for legal advice. With a team of like-minded individuals, Kristie Haider (Paralegal) and Josie Yelle (Business Manager), Erica is pleased to announce the opening of Taproot Law, a human-centered law firm.

The business is located at 522 W. Bluff Street, Unit 1, in Marquette.

Coaching is the highlight of the new services at Taproot Law. Through coaching, clients get education and advice in a way they understand, meets their goals, and enables them to make informed decisions with confidence.

By implementing the human-centered strategies, clients at Taproot Law know what to expect from the court process and are better able to evaluate all forms of risk. Coaching is ideal for people who:

– Want to bounce something off of a lawyer

– Cannot pay for traditional legal services

– Want to try resolving it themselves

– Need more information before taking the next step

Taproot Law is a remote law firm with its roots in Marquette.

To learn more about Taproot Law, email hello@taprootadvocates.com or call 906-284-8426.


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