8-18 Media: Winter vacation makes a splash

By Evana Losee

8-18 Media

Special to the Journal

I went to the Great Wolf Lodge Water park with my family on January 5, 2023. It is in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. I went because it was a gift from my grandma and grandpa. I was excited to go.

When we walked into the Great Wolf Lodge building we saw a play being performed for little kids with weird robots. We had to wait until it was done to move on to the waterpark section. There were three different parts to the waterpark. It was ginormous.

The first slide I went on was called Mountain Slide. It was medium-sized and ended in the lazy river. Once when my brother Scott, my dad, and I were almost at the top of the stairs we noticed there was a translucent skylight. We saw several shapes that looked like pigeons looking down into the building.

Next was the Tornado Slide. You had to wait at the bottom to get the four-seated pool floaty. While Scott, dad, and I were waiting at the bottom, we heard people screaming inside the slide and we weren’t sure if they were happy screams or scared screams. When we got a floaty we climbed up the never-ending stairs. We finally got to the top and we put the floaty on the conveyor belt that went into the funnel-shaped slide. The lifeguard lady pushed a button and the conveyor belt started to move us into the slide. We were sliding in and suddenly we went down a huge slope. The inside was so big. We started to go back and forth between the sides until we splashed into the water at the end.

The last slide was called, “Mine Shaft,” but I called it the “Bruised Banana.” There were two slides. One was yellow and one was red. I went down the red one first. The lifeguard told me to lie on my back with my hands under my head. Inside it was dark and fast. When you went on the turns it splashed you in the face a bit. At the end of the slide, I went all the way under the water, butt first.

I also enjoyed the wave pool with the big waves and deep water. I also went on a slide that was really steep. You had to lay down on a mat, face first. While I was going down it was so fast I couldn’t breathe for a little bit.

All of the slides were really fun so I went down them more than once. I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. I hope that someday we can go back there again.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Evena Losee, 10, likes to do crafts, enjoy the outdoors, and loves a long list of animals.


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