West End Update – Negaunee

Work starts on major project

Nate Heffron, city manager, city of Negaunee

NEGAUNEE — Construction has begun on Negaunee’s $5.5M USDA Phase-1Water Project. The overall project will take two years – ending in 2023. Construction this year should end in late October, at that point seven streets will have new water mains and pavement.

The $5.5M project will upgrade 11,000 feet of water mains, decrease freeze ups, improve water quality, and decrease leaks. In addition, replace road surfaces and some sidewalks. Some street lighting upgrades will also occur, but are not part of the water project. I am sure, many that live here will say it’s about time. I think everyone will appreciate the overall community benefit m upon completion.

Investment in infrastructure is very important to any community, especially water infrastructure. It not only directly impacts residents and businesses though increased water quality and reliability. It shows that your community has a plan to sustain the quality of living or improve that quality for future growth. Negaunee is doing both!

Our city is building for the future; we are looking beyond what we have now and positioning ourselves to welcome new businesses and residents. Projects like this only serve as visual and financial proof.

As we move into 2023, residents can expect another eight streets to be impacted. The overall project brings the added benefit of not just being isolated in one area, but includes neighborhoods on both sides of U.S. 41.

This shows that our community leaders are not just focusing on one part of Negaunee, but are trying to do as much as we can everywhere.

Projects like this are not quick, no none would want haste to rule the day when planning these things out. Safe drinking water is always priory number one! When I arrived in Negaunee in 2018, we began this long process of planning out a project. In fact, this project was much larger, but under the advice of our engineers and through practicality, it was decided we should scale down the project.

Future projects will include both sewer and water main replacements. These projects are still in the planning stages and are being worked though. They are most likely to move forward in the next few years. By being patient, we will be able to obtain grants, fulfill our dig once policy, and prevent major hike in sewer and water rates.

Fortunately, due to careful planning and our due diligence, the USDA Phase-1Water Project will not result in a rate raise to pay for the project.

Negaunee’s future begins with investment in public infrastructure. The spark shows that community leaders have already invested here. The city in committed to improving not just maintaining. Out determination shows both those here now and those looking for a place to call home, that Negaunee is ready for you and wants you here. Come Forge Your Adventure with Negaunee, you won’t regret it!


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