Security: Keeping tabs on what’s going on

Ignorance is not always bliss, as parents, pet owners and homeowners know all too well.

Whether you’re away on vacation and unsure if you left the lights on, at work and worried about the kids, or even sitting on your couch wondering what mischief the dog is up to in the yard, knowing what’s going on inside your entire home is crucial for peace of mind.

Instead of worrying, be proactive. Several strategies, new and old, can help put your mind at easTried and True

Trusted neighbors can serve as a second set of eyes when you’re not around. You can even take it one step further and make them their own set of keys. If they’re friendly enough, your neighbors may even be willing to feed pets or help you out in other ways.

You can also rely on your kids for regular status reports (if they’re old enough). Have them call you when they get home safely and consider giving them some responsibilities, such as making sure the house is in order and your pets are safe and sound.


Innovative technologies are providing consumers with new ways to keep an eye on their homes. Such products have evolved and are now easier to use and more affordable for the average family.

Indeed, brands like Panasonic are leading the charge. Their new Home Monitoring System offers four distinct kits, each of which bundles different surveillance products together.

Depending on your budget and required level of monitoring, you can outfit your home with tools like motion sensors, outdoor cameras and indoor cameras to monitor your baby or pet.

Keeping tabs on your home from near or far is easy, as the footage can be viewed on your computer monitor, smartphone or tablet.

In addition to surveillance, Panasonic’s technology may prove particularly advantageous to those away from home, as it allows for remote control of home features like lighting and other appliances.  

“Monitoring devices can provide peace of mind and minimize those lingering anxieties about being away from home,” says Lisa Knierim at Panasonic.

More information is available at Panasonic.com.

Professional Services

Even when you’re home to keep track of things, it’s tough to handle everything on your own. In certain cases, you may want to use professionals to help keep everything humming along.

If doors jam and fail to latch or you notice cracks in your walls or floors, you may want to call a structural engineer to assess the strength of your foundation. Weeds encroaching on your prized tomato patch? Hire a gardener to fight off intruders or invasive species.

A professional heating and cooling service can assess the condition of your air conditioning and heating systems, including inside vents and ducts where you can’t see. The health of your home is important, and sometimes it’s better to go with the hired hand.

From trustworthy friends and cutting edge technology to knowledgeable professionals, the tools at your disposal can keep your finger on the pulse of your home.


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