NMU Faculty Research Grants announced

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University’s Office of Graduate Studies and Research has awarded nine NMU Faculty Research Grants worth $7,000 each.

The purpose of the internal grant program is to assist faculty in seeking advancement in their respective fields through significant scholarly achievements such as publications, artistic works, research projects and manuscripts, with the ultimate goal of capitalizing on project potential to gain future external funding.

Below is a list of the NMU faculty grant recipients, along with their respective departments and research topics:

≤ Katherine Teeter, Department of Biology, “Molecular Evolution at Elevation: Adaptation in the American Pika (Ochotona Princeps)”;

≤ Jon Billman, Department of English, “Michigan’s Roswell: The 1953 Kinross Incident and the Cold War over Lake Superior”;

≤ James McCommons, Department of English, “Narrative Non-Fiction Book ‘The Great Crusade to Save Birds'”;

≤ Lin Fang, Department of Psychological Sciences, “The Relationship Between Cognitive Flexibility and Emotion Regulation: From Laboratory to Daily Life”;

≤ Alexander Wilson, Department of Chemistry, “Drug Lead Compounds from Radical Radula and Other Leafy Liverworts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula”;

≤ Evan Pratt, Department of Chemistry, “Illuminating the Distribution and Dynamics of Metals in Living Cells Using Fluorescent Sensors”;

≤ Christine Lenzen, School of Art and Design, “On Death: Memento Mori in Platinum Palladium”;

≤ Caroline Krzakowski, Department of English, “The Modern English Garden: Literature, Horticulture and Empire”; and

≤ Philip Yangyuoro, Department of Chemistry, “Turning G-quadruplex Nucleic Acid Structures into Biosensors for Biomarkers.”


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