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Superior A’s Model A Club members recognized for service

The view from a Model A Ford as it follows other Model As down the road is shown. Superior A’s Model A Club regularly holds trips and excursions with members’ Model As. (Photos courtesy of Superior A’s Model A Club)

MARQUETTE — While around four million Model A Fords were produced from 1928 to 1931, only 240,000 remain today.

With just a fraction of the classic cars remaining around 90 years after their production, clubs across the nation have dedicated themselves to preserving the Model A and helping others do the same.

“Everybody’s been touched by that old car in one way or another,” Superior A’s Model A Club President Steven Pellinen said, noting: “that’s an icon, that Model A Ford.”

Locally, the Superior A’s Model A Club has been doing just that, with over 100 members who “enjoy driving, displaying, and working on our Model A Fords,” with its members even garnering national and international recognition.

“We are made up of guys, gals, married, single, young, and seniors who are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Ford’s fabulous lady, the 1928 – 1931 Model A,” club organizers said.

group of Model A Fords travels down the road together. The Superior A’s Model A Club, has over 100 members who are dedicated to preserving the history of the car. The club’s vice president and secretary were recently honored with Model A Ford Club of America Chapter Service Awards in recognition of their commitment to the Model A hobby and helping to share it with others.

The Superior A’s Model A Club, which is a region of the Model A Restorers Club, is also a chapter of nonprofit The Model A Ford Club of America. The Model A Ford Club of America is “largest car club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile,” with chapters all over the world, and recently honored two of Superior A’s members.

Superior A’s Model A Club Vice President Norman Johnson and Treasurer Jim Penrose were recognized April 13 with the Model A Ford Club of America’s Service Award, Pellinen said.

“These two fellas recognized the importance of Henry’s Model A,” he said. “And they want to help restore and preserve a part of the history that we have in Henry Ford’s lady, the Model A.”

The award recognizes those who demonstrate a “long-term, continuing and selfless service to others in the Model A hobby by sharing of information and knowledge, a willingness to volunteer and help perpetuate the enjoyment of Model A’ing for others,” according to MAFCA.

The two men were nominated by Pellinen, who wanted to honor them for their outstanding service to the club and community, he said.

People gather around a green Model A Ford brought all the way from Mass City at a meeting of the Superior A’s Model A Club held at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee. The club holds monthly meetings for Model A enthusiasts. All are welcome to join in the fun, organizers said, noting Model A ownership isn’t a requirement for members.

“They go the extra mile to help anybody, anywhere, anyhow. It’s amazing we have people like that in our community. I wanted to recognize these gentlemen … they’re so helpful,” Pellinen said. “I’m thrilled that they’re able to get this award presented to them. I thought it was really special and I thought they should really be recognized in our community for the selfless service they do.”

Penrose and Johnson were instrumental in preparing for the 2012 MAFCA Convention in Marquette, Pellinen said, which was a major reason he wanted to nominate them for the award.

“These fellows went the extra mile in helping make this convention we had here extra special,” he said.

The convention drew over 1,000 people and around 400 Model As, he said, noting “It just was amazing all the help (Johnson and Penrose) gave our chapter,” with the event, he said.

Penrose and Johnson have been with the club “since the start” in 2005 and have worked to “help wherever needed,” even helping other members get their Model As going, Pellinen said.

Pellinen encourages “anybody that’s got a passion for the Model A” to get involved with the club, which has annual membership dues of just $10 — and doesn’t’ require Model A ownership.

“It’s an awesome, awesome hobby and the best part of it is, (Tuesday) night we had almost 40 guys at the meeting,” Pellinen said. “And there were a dozen Model As there. We all talked about something we have in common; we were able to throw the cares of the world out the window for a couple of hours.”

Members can attend meetings on the last Tuesday of each month and enjoy tours. They will also receive ten issues a year of the club’s newsletter, Pellinen said.

To learn more about the Superior A’s and how to join the club, visit superioraclub.com.

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