8-18 Media: Action on COVID-19

The Covid-19 virus has and is one of the biggest wars humanity has ever faced. The virus is now spreading faster and stronger than ever before, yet some people have the audacity to still not wear a mask, receive the vaccine, and quarantine. I’m currently writing this with extreme frustration and I would love to explain my reasons.

Not wearing a mask is an extremely selfish move because not only are you not being cautious, but you’re affecting others instead. When I visited the Avenues Mall in Kuwait, I saw security letting people pass through the mall doors without a mask. Please think of a mask like this, it’s your only weapon against this wicked virus (other than the vaccine). Realize that the numbers of cases and deaths would stop increasing daily if some people hadn’t lost touch with reality. I mean… is it really that hard to wear a mask to protect yourself, your family and others? However, the mask isn’t your only weapon.

The vaccine is guaranteed a helpful medicine that fights off Corona if you were to be exposed. This vaccine will be an antidote to this virus. I can’t say that it will 100 percent get rid of Covid-19 right away if you were to catch it, but it’ll help you fight it off. Still not convinced? Well, think of it this way, if you were to put the Covid-19 virus and the vaccine in a boxing ring, then the vaccine would win. It’s almost like a game of tag team; your partner would be the vaccine and you work together to fight it off.

Quarantining is something that everyone hates because of the fact of staying in a box that is either built with wood, stone, or cement. I’m certainly not saying that you have to stay home 24/7 because you could go for walks, visit a friend, socially distanced of course, and you could go to public places using protection. However, I would recommend going to these places only if necessary. Personally, I think that you should see your friends, socially distanced once in a while to breathe for a second.

This virus has been destroying humanity. But we can stop it as one community. Yes, it’ll take time and plenty of work, but the reward will be worth it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Fahad Meshal Ali Hussain Baqer Al-Abdullah is 14 years old and is a grade 9 student at the Al-Bayan Bilingual School- Kuwait. He often spends his summers in Marquette visiting relatives. His hobbies include jet-skiing, exploring, playing card games, reading, MUN, jumping off diving boards and watching Game of Thrones.


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