A lamb’s tale: Local woman writes new book

Local author Elizabeth Fust has written a new book, "Wooly & The Good Shepherd.” The book is available on Amazon and at several local stores. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Fust)

MARQUETTE — Good lessons for youngsters are important anytime in the year, but with the upcoming holidays, “Wooly & The Good Shepherd” is especially appropriate.

The book was written by Elizabeth Fust, who previously authored “The Hungry Kitten’s Tale.”

Fust, a Northern Michigan University graduate, is marketing coordinator at GEI Consultants in Marquette where she proofreads and prepares documents.

“Wooly & The Good Shepherd,” though, is more on the creative side.

Fust called her new book “a Christmas story.”

“It follows Wooly, who’s a little lamb who’s kind of scared of everything, and all the other sheep make fun of him for it,” Fust said.

The tale follows Wooly as he and his “good shepherd” see the angels that appear to the shepherds, she said. They then go to Bethlehem.

“It’s kind of mysterious, and the sheep don’t really know what’s going on, but Wooly gets a chance to be brave and meet the Holy Family and see baby Jesus and kind of discover it’s OK to be scared,” she said. “But you can be brave too with the help of a good shepherd.”

The book has an Upper Peninsula connection on several levels.

The book was illustrated by Zachariah Stuef, an NMU graduate who earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration. Stuef has done work for Christianity Today, Our Daily Bread Ministries and the Archdiocese of Detroit, to name just a few clients.

Fust said she and Stuef were student assistants at the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center on campus at the same time.

“Working with Elizabeth on this book was a genuine pleasure,” Stuef said in an email. “I wanted the illustrations to be bold and interesting enough to hold the attention of all ages.”

He believes youngsters and adults can get something out of the book.

“Kids and adults alike should read this book because it speaks to the confidence that can be found by trusting in God’s promises — specifically that which was fulfilled in the Nativity.”

Fust agreed that parents can appreciate the book.

“The parents I’ve shared it with it say this is really good because it’s OK for kids to know that it’s OK to be scared, but there are chances to be brave and there are people to help you along the way, and that everyone gets scared sometimes.”

Even the good shepherd gets frightened, she said.

And there are great rewards when someone is brave.

“You get to meet new people and have these great experiences,” Fust said.

Listed on Amazon, “Wooly & The Good Shepherd” is available locally at Sacred Heart Religious Goods and Meister’s Christmas Tree Farm, both located in Marquette, and area Snyder’s Drug Stores.

One Amazon reviewer called the book “amazing” and a beautiful story of the first Christmas.

“The illustrations are beautiful and the story is so moving, it warms your heart,” the review reads. “This is a wonderful telling of the first Christmas from Wooly’s point of view. It is such a beautiful story and I would love to say more, but can’t without giving any away any spoilers of the story. I would highly recommend buying this children’s book. It is a great book for the whole family.”

Another reviewer said the illustrations are colorful and creatively detailed “in a meaningful way” that portrays the story.

Christie Mastric can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 250. Her email address is cbleck@miningjournal.net


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