Globetrotters delight

Solomon gorsalitz, 9

Hi, my name is Solomon Gorsalitz and I’m 9 years old and I’m in the third grade at Father Marquette Catholic Academy.

Last year, I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. They played a game at NMU’s Berry Events Center. I went to the game with my parents and with a bunch of friends and some people in my grade just randomly showed up so we sat by them too. I mostly watched the game, but I ran around played for some of it.

The arena was really loud and there were a lot of people. They played really loud music. The Globetrotters played against another team that was wearing green. The Globetrotters wear white and blue and red. The team players were wearing tank tops with white shorts that were striped on the side with red and blue. On the Globetrotter team, there were mostly boys, but there was one girl. She did a lot of trick plays. liked the main player. He was funny and tall. He went up to the referee and started pulling fake underwear out of the ref’s pants. They were big underwear too. There was a little person on their team too and he got up and stood up on top of the net. I liked the little person. There was a really tall person on the opposing team and he always wore a mask and the little person would grab the ball and slide it under his legs. It was funny. He did that a lot. He made a lot of baskets. One time when he was on top of the hoop, somebody else on his team threw the ball up to him when he was up there and he put it in and scored.

Once, the other team stepped out of bounds and the ref didn’t call it. I don’t think anybody saw them switch out the basketball they were using which was their colors: red, white and blue. They used “slow motion” to see the other team step out of bounds so they started pretending to move in slow motion and replaced the basketball with a balloon.

We got a special pass and we got to meet the players before it started. You could buy basketballs and shirts and you could have them sign the basketballs. You could ask them questions, but I didn’t. I did talk to them and they helped me try to spin the ball on my finger.

They had a canon and they pushed it out on the floor and it shot T-shirts into the crowd. I didn’t get one, but I was super close. They called people out onto the court. There was this one guy, the tall guy, my favorite player was acting like he was his son and he got to shoot into the net and he got a free t-shirt and basketball. I recommend the Harlem Globetrotters for a favorite basketball team. I would like to play for the Harlem Globetrotters. I would like to be able to dunk, spin the ball on my finger and dribble the ball between my legs. If they ever come back to Marquette, grab your family and go see them. They put on quite the show.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Solomon Gorsalitz is 9 years old and in the third grade. He loves hockey.


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