Reading always a valuable activity

Hunter Vedder, 12

Books. That’s my topic for today. Yeah, I can hear your groans already, but they are good. Fantasy is my favorite or realistic fiction. Fantasy consists of wizards, dragons, magic and spells cast down by the evil witch; Harry Potter if you must put it that way. Keeper of the Lost Cities is a good book by Sharron Messenger, that is if you like elves and magic. In this book Sophie finds out that she is an elf with a bunch of superhuman abilities.

The next genre I enjoy is realistic fiction. Another book that I actually just started is called, OCD Daniel by Wesley King. Daniel is an OCD water boy who spends his time organizing the cups of Gatorade for the football team. He stays in the “sport” to impress his dad, friend, and brother. Suddenly a note shows up in is back pack that says, “‘I need your help,’ Fellow Star Child.”

Probably my least favorite is history. No offence to my social studies teacher. This genre is mostly war and etc. Boring old history, right? Well, we can learn from our mistakes so this genre is not that bad in total. Do not bend my first couple of words of from the beginning of this paragraph, I like the Bible. I worship God so do not bend my words on that one. Yes, the Bible is considered history.

I dislike graphic novels. It’s just that they take minutes to read. I like to take the book of a series and just read them at least for a day. This is also probably close to my least favorite genre.

There is also sci-fi, which is like aliens and space ships. I have not read a lot of these. So far, they are in the middle of my favorites and non-favorites list.

Now that is just some of the many book genres. So, it’s time to talk about some good books. Scratch that off. First some good authors. First on the list: James Paterson. I have read a couple series of his. I found out myself he writes them all first with pencil and paper. I personally like to do my writing on a computer, it is fastest for me. He wrote, The “I Funny” series. It is about this kid who got in a car crash with his family. He couldn’t work his legs. At the hospital he went to they used jokes as medication. So he lives with his Uncle’s family and their last name is the Smilies. And get this, they don’t even smile! My Favorite series by him is “The Maximum Ride” series. I don’t want to give a summary because I am afraid of ruining it. He also does some murder mysteries for adults.

How about one more author before I go and give the ending? Ok. So, Cassandra Claire. I love her books. “The Mortal Instruments” is a series, or if you watched the movies, “Shadow Hunters.” It is about people who protect the world from demons, and I am not saying anything else.

I encourage you to at least try to read some kind of book. I personally am writing my own book. The genre is fantasy. Enjoy whatever book you’re reading or going to try reading.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hunter Vedder is 12 years old and in the sixth grade. He loves to read, fish and hunt.


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