Oozing their way into 2020

PWPL hosts youth slime event

Left, Charlie Guizzetti, 5, of Marquette creates slime on Thursday at the Peter White Public Library event, New Year’s Slime. At right, Hailey Quinnell, 10, of Marquette mixes slime at Thursday’s event. Youngsters made the concoction using ingredients such as paint, glue and liquid starch. (Journal photos by Christie Bleck)


Journal Staff Writer

MARQUETTE — They were told to “dress for a mess.” And a mess is what they got.

Youngsters took part in several Thursday sessions of the New Year’s Slime activity at the Peter White Public Library’s Great Room.

Mary Harma, PWPL Youth Services assistant, was in charge of the event.

Harma called the event “just fun for New Year’s, something for the kids to do.”

Ingredients included acrylic paint, clear “school glue,” Sta-Flo liquid starch and glitter or sparkles. They also could choose between gold glue and silver paint.

Proper mixing — with a stick — was essential.

The youngsters’ beginning concoctions had the consistency of thick soup, but that would change.

“Knead it like bread dough,” Harma told the youngsters.

Eventually the mix took on a different consistency.

“The first time you pick it up, it’s going to be really sticky,” Harma said.

Some kids had a harder time with the substance, but they managed to make the desired slime.

“Look at mine!” exclaimed Charlie Guizzetti, 5, of Marquette, who turned her formerly liquidy substance into something much gooier.

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